Membership includes full access to all our facilities Memorial Day through Labor Day during normal business hours, and tennis March through November. Some exceptions apply - see the club Hours for more information. Guests accompanied by a member have use of the pool and tennis court (if tennis courts are not reserved) access for $7 per person per day, regardless of guest age. Fees are payable at the guard shack upon signing in. The same guest may attend a total of four times per month. Unlike other clubs, we do not charge a bond, there are no work days or work day buyout payments, no random assessments, no minimum amount of food or beverages to purchase each month, and no monthly participation charges. 

Membership Prices
$700 for Family Membership and $350 for Single Adult/Student Membership, including tax. This year we will be offering a new Senior Membership for $600 which will be offered to a couple 65 years of age or older, that will be limited to two people living in the same household.  If you choose the convenience of paying online, there will be a 3.5% processing fee in addition to your membership price. We do not offer payment plans, prorated pricing, or refunds for memberships. NOTE If you are joining the swim team, do not include any swim team fees in your membership check to Cages Bend Swim and Tennis. You will pay the swim team directly per their instructions. Please contact the swim team with any questions.

Complete your membership info and payment using the form below. The form must be completed every year.

2021 Membership Form